Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day and Graduation

I'm really looking forward to the summer and I'm way excited that Leslie will be home so soon! It was really great spending time with my mom this weekend and visiting old friends. Here are some pictures.

Gabe decided he had to be in this picture. hahaha

Arden is that silver dot getting ready to step onto the stage.

Arden's graduating class had an accumulative GPA of 3.5 I thought that was pretty impressive.


Alan and Shelley said...

So, I'm guessing that you were all at the cemetery at Grandma and Grandpa Thomas and Nana's graves? We will see you soon, this week.

Stacy said...

What! When did you snap all of those crazy pictures. Your mom looks good! That GPA is pretty good!

Anne Adele said...

Thank you for all the pictures. I love all the family shots. I'm impressed with Arden's class GPA.