Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day and Graduation

I'm really looking forward to the summer and I'm way excited that Leslie will be home so soon! It was really great spending time with my mom this weekend and visiting old friends. Here are some pictures.

Gabe decided he had to be in this picture. hahaha

Arden is that silver dot getting ready to step onto the stage.

Arden's graduating class had an accumulative GPA of 3.5 I thought that was pretty impressive.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Years

These are the wonderful pictures that I took over the New Years visit.

John Hawking


Tenny's Lady Gaga attempt.

I hope that no one murders me for this one.

When Banner and Tenny attack.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here are a few Mad Libs that Arden and I have done that we think should be shared.


It was a warmongering night, with fog so in utero, you could barely see your blood stain in front of your scorched roll. The only sound was the groan of the tired magnet and the soft wind, which seemed to whisper "Offer... offer." Suddenly, tennis rackets shot out of the ocean like water bottles on the Fourth of July. Bang! Pow! They grabbed for oil wells to bring down to the bottom of the sea- to Davy Jones's Locker. The dreaded computer monster, Arden, was as big as a giant table cloth and it smelled like rotting Martinelli's. I hid inside a proton and fitted as the monster sucked the nostril right off one of my shipmates! I was scared out of my bucket, and my clavicle almost stopped beating! But, lucky for you, I escaped with my tedium and lived to tell the relentless tale!


Dear Principal,
I am sorry to have to tell you that my snappy son Gabriel will be unable to attend your annoying school this week as he has caught a case of the Wookie pox. The bloody brilliant doctor says that it will be 1,022 weeks before he is healthy and back on his cuticles again.

Dear Math Teacher,
I was driving Rebecca to school when the blemishes failed and my car crashed into dish water. By the time the tow narrator finally arrived and the womanish mechanic relieved the expiration and recharged the quark, we had missed your resonant class.


Now that I've graduated from grade 13, I'm going to start slapping more often. After all, I'm practically a dragon! Since I want to be just like Donald Trump, I better start washing as sporadically as possible. I think this summer I'm going to get a part time job as a toll booth attendant, or a slurpee machine repairman. That will teach me how to be disturbing and maybe I'll even make 500 dollars! Then I can put all my money in McDonald's and collect pictures. When I retire at age 20, I'll be a slug. Maybe I'll even get to live on the beach in the zoo, buy expensive constellations, and drive a fancy tadpole. Wouldn't that be ticklish? I'd better start annoying right away!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


This last semester I took a Japanese class. As part of the final for the class we were required to write a letter in Japanese with the given vocabulary. So I made up a little letter with the rudimentary Japanese that I have learned. I've written the letter traditionally, up to down, right to left.

Juuichigatsu Juurokunichi


Hajimemashite. Watashi wa amerikajin desu. Daigakusei desu. Anata wa gakusei desuka? Nihongo no kurasu ni ikimasu. Kyou wa samui desu. Arashi desu. Kinou, watashi wa tomodachi to kissaten ni ikimashita. Ocha wo nomimashita. Tanoshikattadesu. Ashita, eigo no tesuto ga arimasu. Konban, nihongo wo benkyoushimasu. Isogashii desu. Anata wa konshuu nani wo shimasuka? Daisuki ga ocha to nihon no resutoran desu. Kirai ga shuukudai desu. Nani ga suki desuka? Asobu ga suki desuka? Douzo yoroshiku.

Madison Jorgensen


November 16


How do you do? I am an American. I am a college student. Are you a student? I attend Japanese class. Today it is cold. There's a storm. Yesterday a friend and I went to a cafe. We drank tea. It was fun. Tomorrow I have an English test. Tonight I'm going to study Japanese. I'm busy! What are you doing this week? I like tea and Japanese restaurants, I hate home work. What do you like? Do you like to hang out? Pleased to meet you!

Madison Jorgensen

Hahaha I think it's actually kind of funny when it's translated into English!
The class was really fun and I felt like I learned a lot in a short time. I'm looking forward to taking the next level spring semester.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A long overdue overview of my summer trip!

Well here's a blog about my summer vacation this year. I thought it was a good way to end the year. First I spent a few days in Bluefield just hanging out with my mom and my brothers. Then we drove to Washington DC and saw the Museum of Natural History and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. After our day trip there we drove up to New York and spent the rest of the week with my Grandma. Here are the pictures!

"Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander."

This is the very outside of the museum.

This was a large circular room called the Hall of Remembrance, it had a very hushed and reverent feel. On the wall behind the flame was a quote that said, "Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully, lest you forget the things your eyes saw, and lest these things depart your heart all the days of your life. And you shall make them known to your children and to your children's children."

This was the roof of the main hall, the architecture was great.

I don't think that I will ever forget my visit. It really did shake me, and in a way it changed me.

This is my favorite picture of my Grandma's house. I was surprised about how cool it looked when it was posted. :)

An artsy photo of Ardy ;)

These are a few pictures of the little pond right up the dirt road from my Grandma's house.

These are some pictures of my Grandma's backyard.

Monday, September 21, 2009

So, I dyed my hair brown... I just had a random urge. Anyway I hope you all like it, some guy told me that I looked gothic... that wasn't was I was going for. lol Anyway... there you go.

LOL I thought this one was kind of funny, it's so dreamy. hahaha

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here's to you!

I'm going to blog about two of the best friends I will ever have: Zack and Les.

Zack and I always were best friends, even when we were little.

I know that our goofiness can offend at times. But Zack is my goofy release. What I mean is that although I don't show it to many people, I can be a very serious person. When Zack and I get together, we just know how to bring out the lightheartedness in each other. Quite often, if I'm left without a goofy release, I will drive myself to ulcers! You guys might not realize it, but Zack and I can also have some very serious and deep conversations. These conversations are usually one-on-one without witnesses and I can say that I have shared some of the most inspirational and thought provoking words in my life with Zack.

If you're wondering what's in his mouth, it's a slice of cheese.

I remember all the wonderful times that Arden and I had with Leslie whenever we were in Castle Dale. Leslie and I became very close. Sometimes life clouds what's really important, and when I look at old pictures and read the blogs I feel sad that I wasn't in more of them, but I look forward to being there in the future if I can. Although we don't hang out very much anymore I love you just as much as I ever did, Les! That will be a constant fact in my rapidly changing life. My family is the anchor, thank you all for everything that you've done for me, knowingly or unknowingly. Expressing my gratitude will never be enough because I don't manifest it well, but I hope that I have been able to return even a small fraction of the love that everyone of you has shown me.